Fucorich® is produced by Marinova Pty Ltd – a progressive Australian biotechnology company dedicated to the betterment of human health.

Founded in 2003 and now established as the leader in its field, Marinova is recognised globally for the quality and efficacy of its fucoidan products. The company is renowned for its commitment to innovation across all facets of its business, from sustainable harvesting practices and advanced manufacturing technologies through to the research, development and validation of its products. Marinova's aqueous extraction process generates  fucoidan compounds - ranging in purity from 50% through to over 90% - without the use of harsh chemicals, solvents or high temperatures. 

Marinova is also home to the Maritech® organic fucoidan range - a portfolio of high purity certified organic fucoidan extracts for nutritional supplements through to extracts for medical devices, skincare and dermatological formulations, functional foods and beverages, and animal health products.

Marinova maintains an extensive research program and actively collaborates with leading universities and contract research organisations. The company’s scientists are authorities on the structure and bioactivity of algal polysaccharides. They are widely published and possess an unrivalled understanding of the physical and chemical properties of fucoidan compounds and how these properties may be modified to enhance efficacy.

Marinova stands alone as the world's only producer of high purity, certified organic fucoidan extracts with global regulatory acceptance.

No one knows fucoidan like Marinova – the fucoidan experts.