Patagonia & Tasmania


Fucorich® represents a unique fusion of the South Atlantic and Southern Oceans.

Wild grown Undaria pinnatifida seaweed is sustainably hand-harvested from the cool, clean oceanic waters of Patagonia, Argentina. The seaweed is naturally dried before being prepared and shipped to Tasmania, the southernmost state of Australia. The final stages of processing take place in Tasmania utilising unique green chemistry technologies. 

Patagonia is renowned for its dramatic scenery and untouched landscape. Its coastline is brimming with abundant marine life that thrives in the surrounding pristine coastal waters. 

Tasmania, the island state to the south of Australia, is a global hotspot for marine innovation. It is a fitting home for Marinova Pty Ltd, the global leaders in fucoidan science. Marinova has forged a dynamic path to bring the science of seaweed to the global stage, producing seaweed extracts of unparalleled quality. Marinova is also committed to sustainability. Environmental responsibilities, social conscience and fair trade are more than just ideals – they are obligations upon which Marinova's company ethos has been founded.

Marinova looks forward to sharing its story of Tasmanian innovation with you. It is the company's scientific acumen, advanced extraction technologies, and commitment to sourcing only the highest quality seaweeds that sets it apart.

Tasmania – renowned for the quiet pursuit of the extraordinary.


Map showing location of Patagonia and Tasmania